Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Two Most Powerful Words You Can Use

I wish … if only … when …

I hear these words often when listening to people talk about their life. And the words which follow these statements are generally linked to their deepest desires, their true nature and their hope for something more or something different from their current experience.

Do you use these words?

I used to use them often, always hoping or wishing for something to change but not really believing that it would. I would buy a lottery ticket in the hope that someday I would win the jackpot but knowing in my heart that it was highly unlikely that I would win anything. I think for most of us, this is a vain hope and that we are aware it is about as probable as flying to the moon!

But I also used to use them for things which were closer to home.

  • If only I was slimmer
  • I wish I was braver
  • I wish I was smarter
  • If only I was prettier

These became the excuses for my life.

If I was slimmer I would be able to go to the beach, play with the kids in the park

If I was braver I would go out and meet new people

If I was smarter I would be able to earn more money

If I was prettier someone would love me …

And then I learned something. I learned the two most powerful words in the world.


That’s it. Just two simple words which transformed my life. When I changed my statements from I wish to I AM, everything changed.

I am slim, fit and vibrant

I am brave and fearless

I am smart and capable of anything I put my mind to

I am attractive and deserving of love

See the difference?

One is a hope, a wish for something, someday, sometime …

The other is a statement of fact. And whatever comes after the words ‘I AM’ is said as a reality that already exists. When you claim something as already yours, even when you can’t see it in the mirror, you demonstrate belief. Faith if you like.

It is the belief that something is true, even if you can’t see it yet, that makes it true. Not in some airy fairy way but in the way others respond to you. When you act as if your statement is true, behave as if it were true, other people start to see the difference. And as they see it and treat you differently, this reinforces your belief until you can see it in the mirror.

So the next time you ‘wish’ or ‘hope’ for something … change your statement to be fact in this moment.

I AM ….

Speak what you want as a fact and it becomes the truth.

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